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About Clive

Clive Gordon lives in Lucea with his wife. They have two children. Clive is the past President of the Negril Chapter of JUTA [Jamaica Union of Travelers Association]. Clive was a teacher at the Green Island High School where he taught for 24 years. His wife is a Career Guidance Counselor. Clive has over 15 years’ experience in providing Jamaican Airport Transfers, Taxi, and Tour services throughout Jamaica.

Clive is a fully licensed driver with a Tourism Product Development (TPD) certificate and J.T.B. license, and contract PPV license (red license plate). All of his vehicles are fully insured, and licensed, and he has a totally accident-free driving record.

Clive currently provides transportation services to all of the major hotels, resorts, and attractions throughout Jamaica.

Clive is also very pleased to offer a wide variety of Jamaican information to those visitors and guests new to Jamaica to assist them during their stay. Some of the "need to know" information he provides is information relative to the exchange rate, the native "patois" language and slang terminology, suggestions for restaurants, bars, nightlife entertainment available in the area, and Jamaican Attractions. If there's something you'd like to know, don't hesitate to ask Clive. He will be glad to help.